Safe attendance

Visitors guidelines



All visitors have to buy their tickets online in our visitor shop. This helps us to control and monitor the number of visitors per day to ensure that the minimum distance of 1.5 metres can always be maintained at the show. Please note: there will be no cash desk available for on-site ticket sale!



Full registration

All participants of EUROPEAN ROTORS have already registered in advance via online ticket purchase or via their exhibitor pass. This is to ensure that the EUROPEAN ROTORS Team can quickly identify contact persons in the case of a Corona infection.



Visitors are required to wear a face mask

All visitors must wear mouth and nose protection on the show ground. Exception: In seating areas (e. g. at exhibition stands or at places providing food) you are allowed to take it off, if the minimum distance of 1.5 metres is ensured. For those who do not have their own masks, we will provide mouth and nose protection at the Entrance North sponsored by Airbus.


Conference regulations

For the protection of all participants we will adjust the seating and the number of seats. We will not offer standing room within the conference areas and specify separate entrances and exits where necessary. Please check the dedicated conference slot in the programme on our website about detailed regulations as for some sessions dedicated seats have to be assigned to each person.

Conference programme

Travel regulations

Visitors from states listed on the“ red list” have to proof during their immigration / visa process that they attend the trade show. They have to show their ticket and a proof of an appointment for a business meeting with at least one exhibitor at the show.

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Cleaning and hygiene in sanitary facilities

The sanitary facilities at Koelnmesse will be cleaned at frequent intervals. The minimum distance for hand washing and disinfection facilities is ensured.



Contact-free paths at Koelnmesse

All door systems at Koelnmesse except fire doors remain permanently open to reduce contact with surfaces.

Optimised ventilation

Koelnmesse is equipped with modern ventilation systems that allow for separate exhaust air and outgoing exhaust air control.


Social distancing

We kindly ask all visitors and exhibitors to ensure the minimum distance of 1.5 metres. Our information flyer will help to follow all regulations.


Expansion of the hall ways

The EUROPEAN ROTORS Team extended the floor space for their event. This guarantees that visitors‘ and exhibitors‘ can keep the necessary safety distance.


Disinfection and cleaning intervalls

Disinfection dispensers are placed at all essential areas. Regularly touched surfaces will be cleaned more often than usual.




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