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Smith Myers

Hall K-H8 / D-134

ARTEMIS: Family of Equipment Story

ARTEMIS: Family of Equipment

ARTEMIS has been designed by Smith Myers in-house and specifically for the task at hand. Everything in ARTEMIS is Smith Myers intellectual property. We do not buy in any hardware or software. It is all our design.

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InnoVfoam B.V.

Hall K-H8 / A-112

Extinguishing Foam Systems For Helipad Protection Story

Extinguishing Foam Systems For Helipad Protection

We supply a range of technology solutions that ensure efficient extinguishing performance for helipads. Fully customised to the needs of our customers, we offer complete operational extinguishing systems that include extinguishing monitors, a control system and a foam proportioning system.

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Hall K-H8 / C-116

Improve The Experience With The Bose A20 Story

Improve The Experience With The Bose A20

The Bose A20 was designed for best-in-class active noise reduction — and provides ANR that's 30 % greater than conventional aviation headsets, enhanced comfort, clear audio and intuitive operation. No matter what you fly, the Bose A20 is engineered to improve the experience.

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Hall K-H8 / A-184

Discover ALPHACHOCKS Story


ALPHACHOCKS is the safest and lightest solution for an ongoing challenge in the aviation industry. We safeguard all ranges of aircraft. From ALPHACHOCKS MINI that is ideal for your aircraft with wheel fairings to ALPHACHOCKS MAX that will offer maximum protection for the world´s heaviest aircraft.

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E.I.S. Electronics GmbH

Hall K-H8 / B-104

Cabin Convenience Controller Story

Cabin Convenience Controller

The Cabin Convenience Controller (CCC) is a multi-function controller based on a FPGA-chip with connection options like Wifi, Lan, Can-Bus to control several Waste Water System applications within the cabin, lavatory and/or galley.

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