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Fraundorfer Aeronautics AG

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Fraundorfer Aeronautics' Mission: A new Category of Aircraft Story

Fraundorfer Aeronautics' Mission: A new Category of Aircraft

TENSOR 600X – We Redefine Possible. We developed and patented a technology that now enables to fly in areas where helicopters and airplanes reach their limits. The TENSOR 600X is our first aircraft to use this technology.

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Low-altitude Air Mobility Explorer Story

Low-altitude Air Mobility Explorer

In just 8 years, XPENG HT Aero, as a rising star of Urban Air Mobility (UAM), has released 5 eVOTL (electric vertical take-off and landing) aircraft concepts. The latest is the XPENG X2 - the 5th generation flying car – boasting a whole host of high-tech innovative features.

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Hall K-H8 / A-100

Bell Celebrates 60 Bell 505 Deliveries in Europe Story

Bell Celebrates 60 Bell 505 Deliveries in Europe

Bell completes its 60th 505 European delivery to Montenegro Air Force, building on the great momentum in aircraft demand. The platform has broad appeal and operates in a wide range of missions such as private owner, utility, aerial inspections, public safety, military training, and tourism.

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Diehl Aviation

Hall K-H8 / B-140

eVTOL Diehl Demonstrator Story

eVTOL Diehl Demonstrator

Diehl Aviation - we make urban air mobility secure and comfortable. The special technical challenges of battery-powered aircraft lie to a large extent in the balance of weight and performance in every part. This is exactly where our engineering excels.

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Hall K-H8 / A-188

Aviatize - Multitool of the sky Story

Aviatize - Multitool of the sky

From maintenance to take-off and everything in between, the Aviatize platform manages all processes in 1 place, allowing the operator to focus on what matters most: Flying More. For AOC's, ATO's, CAMO's, private owners and aeroclubs.

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