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VRMotion AG - VRM Switzerland

Hall K-H8 / A-012

World’s first qualified VR Flight Training Device Story

World’s first qualified VR Flight Training Device

VRM Switzerland was the first company to develop a Virtual Reality Flight Training Device that was qualified by EASA in April 2021. The opportunities this creates are extensive.

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Smith Myers

Hall K-H8 / D-134

ARTEMIS: Family of Equipment Story

ARTEMIS: Family of Equipment

ARTEMIS has been designed by Smith Myers in-house and specifically for the task at hand. Everything in ARTEMIS is Smith Myers intellectual property. We do not buy in any hardware or software. It is all our design.

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Hall K-H8 / A-134

The Helisar™ Class ALPHA Hoist Story

The Helisar™ Class ALPHA Hoist

REEL will present during the European Rotors 2021 its new Helicopter Hoist under the trademark Helisar™. Don't hesitate to visit us at the show to see more about our "Class ALPHA" Hoist.

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Hall K-H8 / A-184

Discover ALPHACHOCKS Story


ALPHACHOCKS is the safest and lightest solution for an ongoing challenge in the aviation industry. We safeguard all ranges of aircraft. From ALPHACHOCKS MINI that is ideal for your aircraft with wheel fairings to ALPHACHOCKS MAX that will offer maximum protection for the world´s heaviest aircraft.

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Würth Aerospace Solutions

Hall K-H8 / E-106

Your Superhero For Materials Management Story

Your Superhero For Materials Management

Operating materials get out of hand? Procurement and logistics steal time and nerves? Materials management simply costs too much energy? This looks like a job for ORSY®mat.

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Hall K-H8 / C-014

Stowage Cabinet Airbus H145 Story

Stowage Cabinet Airbus H145

SPAES manufactures and certifies six stowage cabinets for different installation locations in the passenger compartment in helocopter type Airbus H145 helicopter.

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Hall K-H8 / A-100

New Law Enforcement Demonstrator Bell 429 in Germany Story

New Law Enforcement Demonstrator Bell 429 in Germany

This new demonstrator will be used to showcase the aircraft’s capabilities to the police and military markets in Europe and across the globe. With over 400 Bell 429s around the world and 100 located in Europe, the aircraft has been one of the most successful light twin helicopters on the market.

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Hall K-H8 / C-114

Having the Right Technology Helps to Save Lives Story

Having the Right Technology Helps to Save Lives

Nowadays, there are many innovative tools and solutions that help organizations such as law enforcement and first responders optimize their operations.

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Airborne Technologies GmbH

Hall K-H8 / A-014

Connect & Control Story

Connect & Control

Airborne LINX - Ready for the future with Airborne Technologies' independent Mission Management System. It connects all sensors and communication systems on board any aircraft. Airborne Surveillance gets a new dimenson.

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Becker Avionics GmbH

Hall K-H8 / E-112

Becker Avionics' ICS Evolution Story

Becker Avionics' ICS Evolution

From the turn of millenium until today and the future. Becker Avionics provides innovative audio systems for your individual mission. Make sure you do not miss our latest DVCS6500 Family.

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Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH

Hall K-H8 / B-126

Continuous Maintenance Training Without Limitation Story

Continuous Maintenance Training Without Limitation

Maintenance training without limitation on real aircraft operation: Despite being high-fidelity replicas, RST's Maintenance Training Rigs (MTRs) and Part Task TrainerS (PTTs) are designed and built for 24/7 hands-on training operation with a lifetime of at least 30 years.

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