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RotorHub is the only international media portfolio dedicated to the civil and parapublic rotorcraft industry, providing a definitive news resource for this dynamic aviation community. The portfolio consists of a magazine, website, e-Newsletter, show daily specials and a social media presence.

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Never has the world relied more upon helicopters than it does now.

From rescuing people far out at sea to landing at a road accident to give life-saving care, helicopters have become a familiar sight whenever and wherever there’s a crisis. But helicopters are far more than flying ambulances. In construction and logging, in law enforcement, as corporate taxis and in transporting workers to rigs at sea for the vital oil and gas industries, helicopters have become a critical part of many global industries.

Changes in capability and technology have been rapid, and high-end corporate VIP helicopter examples are now rolling off production lines alongside dedicated SAR models. Their flexibility knows no bounds.

For the heavy hitters like Airbus and Leonardo as well as for the smaller specialist companies that provide FLIR turrets or cockpit instruments to the commercial and parapublic operators, RotorHub’s detailed interviews and comprehensive analysis make it the premium B2B magazine for those within the industry. Dedicated features examine the latest developments and in-depth operator profiles highlight those at the cutting edge of global helicopter operations.

The RotorHub team is passionate about helicopters and their operations, a passion that is grounded by extensive knowledge in the field: a winning formula for those seeking to learn more, to market their products/services and to interact with the global rotary market.

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