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PCO S.A. manufactures certified, compact, lightweight and robust European Aviator's Night Vision Goggles PNL-3M for military, para-public and civil users for rotary and fixed wing aircrafts.

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  • P Surveillance, Optical Systems
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About us

For 45 years, PCO S.A. has been providing the military, law enforcement and other specialized users with high-tech optoelectronic solutions. Today PCO S.A. is an optoelectronic competence center within the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ) and offers to the armed forces and other professional users worldwide the cutting-edge night vision and thermal imaging products based on the top European technologies. Our main goal is to cater for the needs of the most demanding clients in order to enable them to gain required advantage in low light and most severe deep night conditions. 

PCO S.A. provides also necessary support including consultancy, trainings, maintenance, repairs, spare parts and upgrades during the entire life of our products, in order to maximize customer satisfaction and ensure long and hassle-free use of our devices. All of manufactured devices are subjected to functional tests in accordance with required parameters for vibration, shocks, high and low temperatures and other atmospheric conditions and as well as air- and water-tightness.

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Jana Nowaka-Jezioranskiego 28
03-982 Warsaw

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 Lukasz Zaskurski

Lukasz Zaskurski

Head of International Sales Department

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