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Since more than 50 years Boysen GmbH is supporting the aerospace industry with mechanical fastening products and services which enhance customers performance and provide added value to their production and supply chain.

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About us

Boysen Aerospace is one of the leading distributors for fastening technologies in the aerospace industry.
Our product portfolio of metric and imperial fasteners is one of the largest in the world and helps customers from a variety of sectors to solve their fastening issues.
With more than 50 years of experience we value the open exchange with our customers to find the most suitable product and service to improve their supply chain and reduce cost.
Originated from Munich, Germany we are now operating on global scale with offices and associates in various countries and locations.

Our customer base includes:

  • Manufacturers of fixed and rotary wing appliances and related suppliers
  • OEMs belonging to the Defence & Space sectors
  • EVTOL and drone manufacturers
  • Maintenance and Repair Operations providers (MROs)
  • Other distributors and manufacturers

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Boysen Gmbh
Stahlgruberring 49
81829 München

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 Hauke Borreck

Hauke Borreck

Sales & Business Development Manager

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