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Today, a visitors behavior shows as online - offline - online. To ensure that you reach visitors optimally at all touchpoints, we extend EUROPEAN ROTORS trade fair into the digital world:


Active research before the trade fair

EUROPEAN ROTORS show platform


Personal encounters



Staying up to date passively


EUROPEAN ROTORS show platform

The EUROPEAN ROTORS show platform gives you the opportunity to present yourself online to visitors. Similar as you attract visitors’ attention with your exhibits at the show in November, you can do so online with your posts. 

Your posts reach visitors through the various topic pages, through the search function, in the personalised recommendations and through "more interesting posts" at the bottom of each post.

As part of the mandatory media entry fee, the media package includes the following services on the EUROPEAN ROTORS show platform:

  • Attractive exhibitor profile including your logo
  • Credits for 2 posts (posts contain either articles with pictures or videos)
  • Detailed statistics including lead list of visitors viewing your contact information
  • Automatic publication of your profile and posts on EUROPEAN ROTORS 365: Your posts will remain online on EUROPEAN ROTORS 365 even after the trade fair.

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The digital extension of this year‘s EUROPEAN ROTORS edition will allow you to have a digital-only presence at our EUROPEAN ROTORS show platform before, during and after the show to get in contact with your target group.

Flyer digital-only exhibitors



EUROPEAN ROTORS 365 connects the industry 365 days a year and generates 2 - 3 times as many visitors between events as the show platform before the event. All visitors to EUROPEAN ROTORS 365 create a EUROPEAN ROTORS 365 account.

On EUROPEAN ROTORS 365 you can publish posts all year round and reach visitors in a targeted way. Each post is displayed in the personalised news feed and in the topic pages, sent to interested visitors in the newsletter and shared on social media.  

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The EUROPEAN ROTORS show platform and EUROPEAN ROTORS 365 are based on Conteo's platform technology, which has already been successfully used at a large number of trade fairs.


What can you do to ensure a successful performance?

1. Sign up and log in
After your stand location has been confirmed, you will receive an invitation by email from Conteo to create your Conteo publisher account and exhibitor profile. Please log in as soon as possible to maintain your exhibitor profile.

Please note: If you do not have a confirmed booth yet, please contact us as soon as possible to confirm your stand. Your exhibitor profile will not be online until we have confirmed the location of your stand. 


2. Create your posts
Please choose what content you would like to share with your community via the show platform before and during the show at an early stage and decide how many posts you would like to publish. Tip: Have a look at our attractive media packages for your digital presence at EUROPEAN ROTORS, to enhance your visibility.

The more posts you publish, the more attention is drawn on you. You can book more posts in the shop:

Book posts in the Online Service Center

Please start to create your posts. The earlier you publish them, the more visitors they will reach. The deadline for creating your posts is 3rd of September.


3. Push your posts
Advertise your EUROPEAN ROTORS posts to your customers. Share them on social media, write a news or blog post, or draw attention to your appearance at EUROPEAN ROTORS in your newsletter.


What are successful posts?

Our philosophy can be described in 3 words: Content connects people.

True to this philosophy, your posts are the most important element on the show platform. Your posts are your "digital exhibit". They are here to attract the visitor's attention.

A post consists of

  • Title
  • Teaser
  • Content (Images or Video / Text / Links / Contact person)
  • Related topics

For each post a preview tile is created consisting of the title, the teaser and a picture. This preview tile will be shown to interested visitors.

What is suitable as a post?

For your post to be read, it is important to create them in a lively and descriptive way. The best way to do this, is to tell a story.

  • Story: A customer example that shows your solution in application is an excellent way to highlight the benefits. True to the principle of "show - don't tell". Example: "World's first qualified VR Flight Training Device"
  • Videos: Show your product "in action" or some interesting knowledge around it. Example: Discover the new AS350: the "Flying Laboratory"
  • Enrich your posts with expertise. Perhaps you can make comparisons or point out facts to illustrate why your solution is unique? Example: Highlight the benefits: What benefit does your product promise? Time savings? Less costs? Address the problem and highlight how your product can help solve this problem.


How To Write Clickable Content 

Dos Donts

Choose an exciting title that mentions your product’s USP.

The teaser text "sells" your post to the user. Choose a teaser text that convinces users to click on your post.

Mention relevant keywords in the text of your post. This ensures that it will be found by visitors via the search engine.

Use visuals to emphasise your title. Illustrate your post with appealing pictures or a short video.

Point out to the audience to get in touch with you. Conclude your post with a specific invitation: e.g "contact us for a first conversation".

Do not use a post to introduce your company - that's what the exhibitor profile is for.

Your posts are not meant to create a product catalogue with technical product descriptions. Think about how you would introduce your production in an interesting blog post.

Try not to use the plain product name as a title.

Do not write text in caps. This disturbs the flow of reading.

Do not put soley keywords in the teaser. Write an interesting short description in full sentences so that the visitor becomes curious and clicks on your post. 


Support from the content team

Conteo’s Content Team supports you to present your company on the platform in the best possible way. To do this, we might get back to you with suggestions to improve your title or teaser text in order to make your posts more clickable.



How do I manage my exhibitor profile?

You manage your exhibitor profile and your posts on the show platform in the Conteo Publisher. You have received an email invitation from Conteo to create your profile. Follow the instructions in the email and set your own password. If you need help, please contact us at


What can I present in my posts?

  • Posts consist of text, a picture gallery (ideal format 16:9, can be cropped in the Conteo Publisher) or a video (on Youtube or Vimeo or transferred to Conteo to embed it), links and a contact person.
  • Further, each post should be linked to one focus topic, one application and one product class. When you link a post to a topic, your post and your exhibitor profile will be displayed in that topic page and be recommended to visitors interested in that topic.


Can I exchange my credit for a video into a story or the other way round?

By default, each exhibitor gets credits to create 1 story and 1 video. If you want, you can exchange these credits. Just send us an email at to do so. We ask that you enter your two entries no later than September 3, 2021.


How does the programme of EUROPEAN ROTORS work?

  • The programme of EUROPEAN ROTORS will be a combination of on-site events and online webinars of exhibitors. 
  • The on-site programme consists of different conferences, presentations and workshops. A large part of the on-site programme will be recorded and published as on-demand content on EUROPEAN ROTORS 365. Experience shows that presentations reach a 5 – 10 times bigger audience through on-demand publication after the show. If you would like to get involved in the on-site programme, please get in contact with us.
  • Further you can offer your own webinars, which you will host and produce yourself.


What webinar solution can I use?

  • You organise your webinar yourself. We do recommend that you use either Zoom or Teams, as they are widely used and work well. You can either give people immediate access to your webinar or let them register beforehand.
  • If you choose to also live-stream your webinar, you can do this via Youtube or Vimeo on the show platform.
  • If you book a package for EUROPEAN ROTORS 365, you can publish the video of your webinars as on-demand content on the platform. 


How can I interact with visitors that are not on-site?

  • The EUROPEAN ROTORS show platform enables you to present your news, products, innovations, knowhow, etc. to the industry. Main goal is that visitors will attend the show physically and meet you at your booth. 
  • Some visitors will not be able to travel to Germany this fall. If they are interested to get in contact with you, they do it how they normally would do it: via email, phone or video call. We recommend that you let interested visitors contact you to arrange 1:1 video calls. Alternatively, you can also have video calls that are continuously open where visitors can just enter. 


Where can I book additional services for my online presence at EUROPEAN ROTORS?

The media packages can, as all other services for your stand, be booked through our Online Service Center:

Online Service Center

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