Thursday, 18. November 2021 | 10:00 - 18:00

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Workshop on Rotorcraft Simulation

!!!Note!!! Please register via e-mail to to show your interest in attending this training session. Tickets and their prices will be available in October in accordance with latest Covid regulation issued by the city of Cologne.

Workshop on exploitation of simulation for rotorcraft training, design and  certification

The capabilities of synthetic devices, such as flight simulators, are considered suitable, and extensively used, as a tool for training and professional development of pilots, design of aircraft, and air accident investigation. Their usage for training is so well established that Certification Standard exist for flight simulation training devices that define criteria for qualification. In recent years, the fidelity of physics-based rotorcraft flight simulation models has grown at a rapid pace. This has led to the recent capability to utilise high-fidelity models within a real-time flight simulation environment. As the usage of flight simulation has grown, naturally there has been interest in extending its use for design and development of safety-critical aspects of rotorcraft flight, included the cases where simulation could be employed to replace flight testing conducted for certification.
The workshop will bring together several experts who are working on different aspects of simulation to discuss the state of the art of simulation models and systems together with the methodologies used in the various fields to verify and quantitatively validate the results of the simulations and therefore their credibility.

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