Tuesday, 16. November 2021 | 10:00 - 17:00

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Vuichard Safety Seminar

!!!Note!!! Please register via e-mail to team@europeanrotors.eu to show your interest in attending this training session. Tickets and their prices will be available in October in accordance with latest Covid regulation issued by the city of Cologne.

Participants will reveive a certifacte of participation from Vuichard Recovery Aviation Safety Foundation. This entitles participants for future Vuichard flight training.

The full day seminar is built on two main parts containing the fundamentals such as main reasons for accidents by human factors and how to avoid accidents by applying pilot-skill and stress reduction techniques as part 1 and the Vuichard Techniques Vuichard Recovery for VRS escape, Vuichard-Autorotation, -Quick Stop and -Slop Landing and Checks and Briefings systematic as part 2.

of Swiss government, he flew many years presidential aircraft and Search and Rescue missions. He was a civil aviation flight inspector on behalf of the Swiss civil aviation authority. He is the creator of the „Vuichard Recovery Technique” for Vortex Ring State escape.

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