Tuesday, 16. November 2021 | 16:15 - 17:30

Hall 8 / Stage 2

Program Entry

VFS/Innovation Session 4 - Advanced Air Mobility

Moderator Mike Hirschberg


Time Title Speaker
16:15 CityAirbus NextGen - Bringing Urban Air Mobility to Life

Dr. Jörg Mueller, Head of Urban Air Mobility

16:30 Regional Air Mobility — Pioneering Mobility of Tomorrow Dr. Saskia Horsch, Head of Public and Regulatory Affairs, Lilium
16:45 Transforming the Way People Travel Eduardo Dominguez Puerta, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Vertical Aerospace
17:00 The Path to Urban Air Mobility Jörn Jaeger, Head of Airspace and Vertiports, Volocopter GmbH
17:15 Q&A  Mike Hirschberg
17:25 End  

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