Wednesday, 17. November 2021 | 10:00 - 12:00

Hall 8 / Stage 1

Program Entry

Safe Helicopter Operations - Focus General Aviation

This conference is dedicated to private pilots and how to increase the level of safe flights.

Time Topic Speaker
10.00 Opening and Topic Dee von Allmen, Leocopter Moderator
10.15 EASA Safety Roadmap and Initiatives for Private Pilots John Franklin, Head of Safety Promotion, EASA
10.30 Flight Preparation, Pilot Aspects Andreas Hennig, Heli-Flight
10.45 Safety During the Flight - Human Factors Prof. Dr. B. Schleidt, Aviation Psychologist
11.00 Safety during the Flight – Taking the Right Decisions Mona Seeberger, BHS Aviation and John Franklin, EASA
11.15 Importance of Debriefing of Flights Charly Graf, Leocopter


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