Thursday, 18. November 2021 | 11:00 - 13:00

Hall 8 / Stage 3

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Police and Parapublic Missions

Discussing latest challenges and developements in the police/parapublic sector with highlevel speakers from different countries.

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tbd Lifeseeker, boosting efficiency of SAR missions Hector Estevez (Centum)
tbd Helicopter Police Missions in Northern Rhine Westphalia - Past – Presence – Future Tim Pittelkow (Police NRW)
tbd Experiences with the five-bladed H145 for police missions at the police helicopter unit of Baden Württemberg as early adopter  Martin Landgraf
(Deputy chief of Baden-Württemberg’s police helicopter unit)
tbd Migrating from a state aircraft operator to an EASA environment – Challenges and Advantages Jeroen Eeckelaers (DAFA) 
tbd Helicopter police missions in the alpine environment. Machine – Crew – Qualification Patrick Fritz
(Chef Inspector, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Austria, “Flying Police”)

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