Tuesday, 16. November 2021 | 16:00 - 17:30

Hall 8 / Stage 1

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Market News I

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20 min Helicopter with parachute (first ever)

We'd like to share the 2 years job before testing the first helicopter with parachute, in addition to traditional autorotation: zefhir the most safe helicopter available.

Mirco Cantelli, Head of Strategy at CURTI Industries, is a mechanical engineer with master in corprate strategy at the Mac Kinsey Accademy in London. Mirco did improve and grow busienss in several areas: from beverage industry to tourism, from public administration to large Private Equity. Since 3 years is helping CURTI to lunch their new outstanding 2 seats helicopter.

Mirco Cantelli & Chiara Albertazzi (CURTI Industries)
tbd Gyrotrak - A Gyrocopter Helicopter Hybrid UAV

Airial Robotics presents Gyrotrak, a weather independent gyrocopter helicopter hybrid UAV that exceeds current industry standards in terms of flight time, safety, payload and efficiency. Its modular system architecture can be specialized for a wide variety of commercial UAV missions.

Joe Schamuhn, CEO and co founder of Airial Robotics is a former Tornado pilot, MSc Air & Space Technology, developed multiple start ups and lead business admin, sales and marketing in several global corporates.

Joe Schamuhn (Airial Robotics GmbH)



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