Tuesday, 16. November 2021 | 11:00 - 15:30

Hall 8 / Stage 3

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HEMS Conference

Discussing latest challenges and developements in the HEMS sector with highlevel speakers from different countries.

time topic speaker
tbd Quo vadis HEMS Dr. Kryistian Pracz (CEO, DRF)
tbd HEMS in Germany Frédéric Bruder (CEO ADAC Luftrettung)
tbd Saving lives – including your own one Stefan Becker (Rega) 
tbd When pure power does not help anymore – The vortex ring state. N.N. (Rega) 
tbd Next generation of aircraft for HEMS. Multicopters, Tilt-Wings, Tilt-Rotors, Racer Thomas Pfammatter (CEO, Dufour Aerospace) and more
tbd ab initio: Initial helicopter pilot training HEMS/ Training DRF Florian Klinner (DRF Luftrettung) 
tbd Realistic training in a safe environment – Virtual opportunities

Fabian Riessen (CEO, VR Motion) 

N.N. (ADAC HEMS Academy) 

tbd Simulation training in acute medical care

Matthias Ruppert (ADAC Luftrettung)

tbd Cross Professional Competence in HEMS

Michael Hochhäuser & Tobias Jüttner (ADAC Luftrettung)

tbd What makes emergency medicine different in HEMS? - What makes flying different in HEMS?

Sven Mainz & Jens Schwietring (ADAC Luftrettung)

tbd Flying in icing conditions

Erik Normann (Norsk), EASA N.N., Leonardo N.N.

tbd COVID-19 pandemic: The growing Challenges for a HEMS operator

Dr. Jörg Braun (DRF Luftrettung)

tbd Requirements and practicability hoist operations at night in the alpine environment

Jörg Redezky (ARA) tbc.

tbd Panel discussion “HEMS Rulemaking Tasks” 

Peter Möller (EHA Chairman) 
Andrew Lister (Gamaaviation) 
Stefan Becker (Rega)
Nicola Garovi (Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation)
Eric Bennett (EASA Air OPS Dept.) 
FAA rep. (TBC)

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