Wednesday, 17. November 2021 | 15:30 - 16:00

Hall 8 / Stage 1

Program Entry

Grant Funding for the Rotor Sector

This session provides an overview of the opportunities provided by the EU funding programmes to the helicopter and rotor industry and community of practice.

The landscape of grant funding from the European Union: discover the entry points to tap into the EU funding programmes.


Lorenzo Costantino has 20+ years of international experience in competitiveness, innovation and finance. Lorenzo lived and worked in Europe, USA and Central Asia.

Lorenzo is a Sr. Partner at IDP European Consultants, a niche consulting firm providing advisory and training services on EU grant financing. At IDP, Lorenzo is responsible for the preparation and management of international projects on various topics ranging from financial engineering to research and innovation.

Mr. Costantino is also retained by the European Commission as an external expert and evaluator in the fields of innovation, competitiveness and risk-finance:

-        Chairman, Advisory Group, Access to Risk Finance, Horizon 2020

-        Member of the Steering Committee “EU Investment in Venture Capital and Other Risk Capital Fund of Funds”

-        Evaluator for various strands of Horizon 2020 

-        Member of the Horizon 2020 Expert Group “Final Evaluation of Fast Track to Innovation”

-        Evaluator, ENI-MED, Cross Border Cooperation with Mediterranean countries

-        Evaluator, INTERREG Central Europe Programme

Prior to joining IDP European Consultants, Lorenzo worked as a Consultant for the Finance & Private Sector Development Unit of the World Bank. From 2001 to 2015, Mr. Costantino worked on a wide range of projects on entrepreneurship support, innovation and finance in various client countries in Europe, Central Asia and Latin America.

Lorenzo recently published on finance and innovation, co-authoring a few articles and two Chapters of the Palgrave Handbook on fintech and blockchain

“Fintech in Light of the 2020 Emergency:  Excess Innovations to the Facts—From  Securitization to Tokenomics, and More”

Lorenzo also worked in the USA as Program Coordinator at the Centre for Strategic & International Studies in Washington, DC and as Analyst for Pyramid Research in Boston, the then consulting spin-off of the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Mr. Costantino holds an MA in International Economics and Relations from the Johns Hopkins University, Washington, DC and a Law Degree from the University of Bologna.

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