Wednesday, 17. November 2021 | 12:00 - 13:30

Hall 8 / Stage 1

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Fire Fighting Panel

Joint panel on fire fighting issues in Europe hosted by Pegasus Aero Group.

Modern forest firefighting in Europe starts in the early 80s with specific budgets allocations by southern European states for the inclusion into the extinction systems of aerial resources and airborne crews recruited and trained so that works on ground were safer and far more effective. 

Firefighting systems in these countries are based in public private partnership collaboration, funded with public expenditure and managed through public tenders; the system has allowed  variabilization of  public costs, to optimize value for money every season and avoid obsolescence risks; on the other hand, a professional industry – provider of stable qualified employment and innovative services – has been developed.

These nation-based activities have been nationally regulated. Civil Aviation Authorities – for instance, Spain, where the volume of operations is especially relevant – have led the increase of operational exigence showing today a undoubtably improved safety record aligned with the industry standards.

But forest fires are no longer a southern Europe issue. Climate change and increasing human presence in nature have brought them to the scene front. 

The Firefighting Panel at European Rotors intends to formulate questions and contribute to a very relevant social issue. Which model – private, public – should adopt member states with forest firefighting arising issues? What the regulatory approach should be to allow safe but pan – European operations? What is the role of the European Union in terms of these natural disasters’ management?

 These and more questions to be deeply debated at European Rotors by top specialists and decision makers in all relevant facets of the problem. 

The panel is sponsored by Pegasus Aero Group, an industry leader in aerial firefighting based in Spain since 1966 and with broad operational deployment in southern Europe and South America. 

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