Wednesday, 17. November 2021 | 13:45 - 14:15

Hall 8 / Stage 3

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Development of eMagic One

Development of the electric aircraft and eVTOL eMagic One

The eVTOL eMagic One is an development of Michael Kügelgen, owner and founder of MK Technology GmbH. It is the first time on display and a world premiere here at EUROPEAN ROTORS. More information about MK Technology GmbH can be found here


Brief description / summary:


Development of the electric aircraft and eVTOLs / eMagic One


With a small team of experts, an electric aircraft was developed within three years, which can also take off and land vertically. Our "proof of concept" shows what is already possible with today's battery technology. Thanks to the eight hover propellers the aircraft can take-off and land vertically within an additional electric motor in front. It can fly for up to 1 hour at a speed of up to 100 kts.


The manned flight tests of the airplane and the hovering platform were accomplished and have been very successful. 



Brief description / CV of speaker:


Mechanical engineer, pilot for 45 years, authorization for wing and helicopter, development of numerous manned and unmanned flight systems. Founded MK Technology 25 years ago, specializing in special machine construction.


Highlight: Development and construction of the automatic production line investment casting for the US company SpaceX for the production of rockets and rocket engine parts. 


At eMagic responsible for aerodynamic design, construction of the aircraft and flight testing.





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