Thursday, 18. November 2021 | 10:00 - 18:00

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Coptersafety Training Room

!!!Note!!! Please register via e-mail to to show your interest in attending this training session. The breifings are free of charge, all costs taken by Coptersafety. Seating is limited, which is why we are using the first-come, first-served method.

Crew resource management in maintenance check flight environment

EASA recently added SPO.SPEC.MCF to EU regulations to give further guidance on training to perform Maintenance Check Flights in helicopters. 
To meet this new EU regulation Coptersafety has developed Maintenance Check Flight courses to provide simulator flight training to pilots to introduce not only the regulatory requirements, but also how to approach a Maintenance Check Flight in terms of theory, Crew Resource Management, and the aircraft specific technical details of how to accomplish the check flight in the H145 and AW139 environments.
The three (3) forty-five (45) minute courses that Coptersafety will present on Wednesday the 17th of November will give attendees a brief introduction into Crew Resource Management in the Maintenance Check Flight environment, and how Coptersafety approaches the theory of the Maintenance Check Flight so that pilots understand not only the technical checks, but also the overall application of concepts.
We hope that this will generate discussion and ideas within the rotorcraft community on the conduct of Maintenance Check Flight operations.


Matthew Presnal is the Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor at Coptersafety. He has over 26 years of international aviation experience in commercial and military helicopter operations such as MRO, production flight test, flight instruction and evaluation, and Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTD).

Originally entering the U.S Army as a UH-60 Blackhawk Mechanic, Matt went on to become a U.S Army Warrant Officer and a OH-58D helicopter Maintenance Test Pilot. After his service in the military, he then went on to fly in HEMS, ENG, and Fire Fighting before spending 10 years with Sikorsky as a Maintenance Test Pilot, Site Manager, and Field Service Representative on multiple international assignments working with the U.S. Army and Navy, Swedish Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force, and the VH-92A Executive Transport Helicopter Program.

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