Thursday, 18. November 2021 | 11:30 - 13:30

Hall 8 / Stage 1

Program Entry

ADAC HEMS Session: Lessions learned Flood

Conference hosted by ADAC HEMS about the flood in Ahretal and the lessions learned


Time Topic Speaker
11:30 Opening & Moderation Jens Schwietring, ADAC Luftrettung
11:35 Understanding the Disaster – the Role of Helicopters Dr. Martin Schiffarth, local EMS authoritites
11:55- Police Operations PHK Jens Geiser, Sate of Hessen Police
12:15 The HEMS Mission Matthias Ruppert, ADAC Luftrettung, CEO ADAC HEMS Academy
12:25 The Role of Aerial Work Providers in Disaster Management Georgios Kipros, CEO Rotorflug
12:50 tbd


13:10 Panel discussion: “Lessons learned” 

Guido Nisius, Mayor of Adenau,

Matthias Ruppert,

Martin Schiffarth,

Georgios Kipros


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