Please find COVID-19 relevant information and answers for EUROPEAN ROTORS.

COVID19-regulations may change. Please make sure to keep an eye on the following links regarding the current regulations:

Entry restrictions

Entry registration

List of high risk areas and areas of variant of concern

Eu DCC Standard

Current Coronavirus Protection Regulation of North Rhine-Westphalia (German only)

Test centres in Cologne (use postcode 50679 and filter Digital COVID Certificate)

What are the current COVID-19 regulations for entering Germany from another country?


COVID-19 travel restrictions (for people aged 12 or over)

  digital entry registration negative test*** quarantine


no high risk area

vaccinated / recovered* no no no
non vaccinated no yes no


high risk area

vaccinated / cured* yes no


non vacccinated yes yes 10 days**


*       Evidence necessary 
**     Shortening of quarantine possible after 5 days with a negative test result
***   The test must not be older than 48 hours (antigen test) or 72 hours (PCR test)


High risk areas: A high risk area is an area at particularly high risk of infection due to a particularly high incidence of spread of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Quaratine regulations provide for exeptions for trade fair participants entering Germany from high-risk areas. They are business travellers whose entry is absolutely essential and cannot be postponed. For them a quarantine obligation does not apply if they stay for up to five days and a negative test result is provided. The test may not be performed earlier than 48 hours before entry or immediately upon entry. 

Please inform yourself about the travel regulations in your country when returning from Germany.



What are the definitions of vaccinated, tested and recovered? 







Persons must have a complete vaccination with a by the Paul Ehrlich Institute listed vaccine, which must have been given at least 14 days previously.

Complete vaccination means that the second dose has also been administered, provided that two doses are scheduled fo a vaccine.

The EU Commission has so far approved four vaccines:

  • BioNTech / Pfizer
  • Moderna
  • Astra Zeneca
  • Janssen Pharmaceutica NV (Johnson and Johnson)

In versions of the EU-approved vaccines approved abroad (original or licensed) are also recognised.

If  a person is vaccinated with a different vaccine, they will be treated as an unvaccinated person and must therefore have a negative, current test.



A current, negative test result confirmed by an official testing centre. The test result must not be older than 48 hours (antigen test) or 72 hours (PCR test). If you enter the exhibition grounds on more than one day, this may require a new test. 

Find possible test sites here

For access to the exhibition grounds, the digital COVID certificate of the EU (EU DCC standard is required as test evidence. 



The infection must have occured at least 28 days and not more than six months ago. After six months, the status as recovered person expires. Then you will need a negative test result or a vaccination. If the infection occured more than six months  ago, people who have recovered only need one vaccination to be considered fully vaccinated. 




Where can I find the current Coronavirus Protection Regulation (Corona-Schutzverordnung) of North Rhine-Westphalia and it is also available in English?

Please find the German version of the current Coronavirus Protection Regulation (Corona-Schutzverordnung) of North Rhine-Westphalia here

The  document is only available in German. 



What is the current situation in Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Cologne? Is a safe arrival and safe stay possible?

Cologne is well prepared to welcome its trade fair guests and offer them a pleasant stay of the best possible quality, even under the current conditions. Public life is working - with a strict adherence to official rules and with responsible behaviour by local citizens and non-resident guests. 


Measures & Concepts All responsible owners and institutions have developed and implemented measures and concepts for the safest possible handling of each other in accordance with the regulations of the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. 
Masks In public transportation, in stores or doctor's surgeries, there is an obligation to wear a medical mask. The city of Cologne recommends that people generally wear a mouth nose protection in public places. Anyone travelling in places where a mouth nose protection is mandatory, e.g. in shops, without appropriate protection will be punished by a fine.
Social Distancing In Cologne and the surrounding region, a minimum distance of 1.5 metres must always be kept between people in public spaces. There are execptions for families and members of the same household.
Public transport - buses, trains and taxis -  is running. The nearby Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt airports are in operation.
Hotels are implementing individual hygiene concepts that are based on the same rules. The individual establishments are happy to provide information about these. 

The currently valid regulations of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia can be found here (Germany only).

Information of the touristic federation of North Rhine-Westphalia (Tourismus NRW e.V.) can be found here.

Information of the Cologne Tourist Board (Köln Tourismus) can be found here.




What is necessary to enter EUROPEAN ROTORS? 

The entry to the fairground of Koelnmesse and many other facilities (like restaurants, bars, etc.) is only possible with a full vaccination, a negative test result or a proven recovery form COVID-19 (the so called "3G-rule" in Germany). Evidence (vaccinated, tested or recovered) will be requested form all persons when entering the exhibition ground. Please always have the relevant evidence ready.



Where can I find the digital entry registration?

For the digital entry registration please use this form.



Is it possible to get a COVID-19 test on site?

There are several hundred test centres in the city of Cologne which all trade fair participants will be able to use. The nearest one is the test centre at LANXESS Arena close to Koelnmesse. 

Please use this website to find a test centre in Cologne (for test centres near Koelnmesse, you can enter the postcode 50679). 

To access the trade fair grounds, you will need an official EU Digital COVID Certificate (EU DCC) as proof of your negative test result. Please filter for "Digital COVID Certificate" in the overview for this purpose. No other test procedures are permitted.



How is the entry managed at the fair ground?

First check: Inspection of the vaccination certificate, the negative test or the recovery (together with a personal indentification document). 

Second check: Scan/inspection of the digital ticket for the show.



Are entry restrictions possible?

The entry to the fair ground is only possible with an evidence of the full vaccination, a negative test or a proven recovery. People with COVID-19-symptoms susch as coughing, sniffles, loss of smell or taste, fever etc. are not allowed to enter the exhibition grounds.



Are transparent visors permitted instead of masks?

The Coronavirus Protection Ordinance imposes a general obligation to wear mouth nose protection at trade fairs. Mouth nose protection can be removed by seated individuals (e.g. at the trade fair stand, in food-service areas or outdoors, provided that minimum distancing is observed).

According to the latest medical findings, full or partial face shields are not a substitute for mouth nose protection, as the shields only stop aerosols to a limited extent. This is why transparent visors are permissible only in verified individual cases (e.g. if a wearer has demonstrable health problems with mouth nose protection or for product presentations requiring regular removal and putting-on of mouth nose protection). 



Due to health reasons, I am not allowed to wear a mouth nose protection. Am I still allowed to participate in the event?

Persons who are not able to wear a mouth nose protection for medical reasons must provide a proof of this in form of a medical certificate and present this on request during the participation in the trade fair. 


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